if i’m so pretty why didn’t smeggy fall instantly in love with me and marry me on the boat???? like?????? 

i wanna be brave enough to wear crop tops outside like i have soooo many outfits planned out for when i “get there” in terms of self esteem or something


Up close and personnel with Mr #pigeon by danielpaul1985 on Flickr.


Up close and personnel with Mr #pigeon by danielpaul1985 on Flickr.

i was gonna make a post about all the evidence people have found about how fat isn’t as unhealthy as people say but like


because whether or not someone is healthy or not should have no effect on the respect they receive???

thedoomreport replied to your post: ppl in the uk always call americans fa…


like who cares

being fat doesn’t make you a bad person but bombing children does lmao

ppl in the uk always call americans fat as like a dig to us but aren’t ppl in the uk like…. also fat? like there are plenty of valid reasons to hate the US but “they’re fat” is not one

Hall of Mirrors, Versailles

Hall of Mirrors, Versailles


Celebrating 40 Years of Disabled Lesbian Activism and Art

Image description: Four photos of disabled lesbians. #1: Color photo of people in a park, some of them holding a giant banner that reads “Honoring Dykes with Disabilities.” #2: Two women playing basketball in wheelchairs. #3: a black woman with glasses and natural hair playing ping pong. #4: Two light-skinned women dancing with AXIS, a physically integrated dance group. One woman in a wheelchair, and the other woman is…it’s hard to describe, but she’s upside-down, with her legs in the air, and her head in the woman’s lap, simulating oral sex.

These images come from Fabled/Asp, an organization that aims to “combine storytelling and filmmaking to document and continue the revolution in queer disability arts, aesthetics, politics and culture.” They’re such a great resource for history, culture, and politics of disabled lesbians.