i remember this one time someone tried to say I was a misogynist because I don’t like Miley Cyrus but like king kurt even though I’ve acknowledged their racist crap in like every other post I make about them and also king Kurt never centered their whole style off being essentially a goddamn minstrel show and never made millions of dollars off it and also unlike her they’ve produced like, enjoyable content

lms and I’ll beat up the AAA guy and steal his truck

the AAA ppl thought I was a small child over the phone

my mom’s car broke down I’m trapped at the swap meet


so hello kitty is not a cat but a white British girl who is also a Scorpio according 2 sanrio….. b*Tch she’s a cat stop being weird

thwack is my problematic fave

my vest is the only article of clothing of mine that was touched by smeggy that day that i haven’t washed his particles are still on it it’s like he’s still here 

all this stuff coming out of punk musician’s mouths these days all this terrible stupid stuff see this is why i like king kurt because they never said anything bad in all the interviews i’ve heard none of them even know how to use the internet to say dumb stuff and their music was about nothing they were guilty of being generally clueless ugly white men but at the very least they never meant any harm (not that’s any excuse but still they never went around calling themselves the queers when they were straight and being super obnoxious and wrong on social media!!!!!). 

i managed to find a swimsuit but i look absolutely disgusting in it lmao i want to cry

what do u think pigeons find sexy in other pigeons